Why You Need A Business Coach

Business coaching Tastatur FingerFrom the self employed business owner to the corporate CEO, it seems that everyone is talking about the paces their “business coach” is putting them through. If you’re the one being coached, they expect you to show up, work hard, and do what you say you will.

“100% of the shots you don’t take don’t go in.”
~~ Wayne Gretzky

No business accountability and no embarrassment… means no progress.

It’s easier to follow through when you have someone-anyone-watching and, just as importantly, measuring what you do and holding you accountable. So get these cheerleaders in your corner:

Business coaches help you identify your strengths and prompt you to use them. Your coach can help you identify your key strengths and then encourage you to play to those strengths.

Business coaches make you consider potential trouble ahead. Your coach will also help you work on your weaknesses to ward off problems before they develop: Do you need to improve a specific skill? They design interventions to help you to improve in these areas. Coaches also warn of trouble from the outside: If your competitors are stealing ahead, your business coach will ensure you keep a weather eye on their activities.

Your coach will identify skills that need to be strengthened and help you set up action plans and assignments to challenge and stretch you in those areas. With your projects and plans that may be in jeopardy, they point out trouble-spots and suggest check-back points for further direction.

Coaches build your confidence. They place their faith in you to accomplish your mission. Their belief in you inspires the same confidence in yourself. Committing to someone else in writing that you will accomplish X by Y date and having them believe in you based on your word starts the adrenalin pumping.

Coaches celebrate your wins with you. Having a coach slap you on the back after a win with “Great job” feels much better than hearing him or her walk away with head down and a mumble, “Better luck next time.”

Understand what this means for you: Your coach expects you to win. And that’s the idea-and the attraction. Commit to a coach who will encourage you to execute your plans and hold you accountable for results.